Topic outline

  • General
    This series of training videos demonstrates the ways culture influences how we see and respond to change, how we interpret leadership styles, and how we collaborate across levels within an organization. Set in a Canadian tech company, the video follows a team adjusting to a major change within their organization as well as dealing with the different cultural dynamics in their team.
    • Scene 1: Responses to Change

      Start the conversation by following an intercultural team as they work to improve their workplace relationships. A team at a Canadian tech company discusses a recently announced change and how it will affect their work. How cultural differences influence their perceptions of the change quickly becomes apparent. 

      Learning outcomes: 

      • Identify how culture influences the ways organizations communicate change in the workplace as well as how leaders guide their staff through change. 
      • Recognize the role culture plays in how people respond to change. 
      • Identify how conflict or misunderstandings can be culturally based. 

    • Scene 2: Building Vertical Rapport and Collaboration

      A month after a company is bought out, a team adjusts to changes in their leadership and to different cultural expectations of how to work together

      Learning outcomes:

      • Identify differences in cultural norms around building rapport across all levels of an organization.
      • Recognize how culture affects leadership styles and work-style expectations.
      • Identify how conflict or misunderstandings can be culturally based.

    • Scene 3: Addressing Workplace Conflict

      Svetlana, a new team manager, and Anita, a member of her team, have a conversation and discuss their expectations and perceptions of each other as leaders and team members. 

      Learning outcomes:

      • Recognize cultural differences in leadership styles, including giving direction and feedback.
      • Identify misunderstandings that can be culturally based and how to address them.

    • Scene 4: Adapting to the Canadian Workplace

      Svetlana, a new team manager, speaks with her supervisor, Vijay who shares his experience as a skilled immigrant who became a manager in Canada. 

      Learning outcomes: 

      • Identify the stages that are often part of adjusting to new cultural norms. 
      • Recognize the ways in which cultural adaptation is an ongoing process. 
      • Recognize how the process of adapting to a new culture can impact individual behaviour.