Topic outline

  • General

    Connector is a national award-winning networking program implemented in communities across Canada. The Toronto Region Immigrant Employment Council (TRIEC) collaborated with local partners to pilot the program in the GTA. 

    Connector helps skilled immigrants build their professional networks and connect with job opportunities, while increasing employers’ access to top-tier talent who may not be found through traditional recruitment channels.  

    • Job Search with LinkedIn

      Social media tools like LinkedIn can be key to unlocking the hidden job market, effective professional networking, and advancing your career.

      Use this tool (PDF file) to:

      • enhance your online presence for job searching and career advancement
      • be more strategic in developing your online network
      • gain a better understanding of how to use LinkedIn for job searching and career development

      • Networking 101

        In Canada, networking is essential to accessing the hidden job market and for advancing your career over time. This presentation (PDF file) provides an overview of how to network effectively.

        Learning Outcomes:

        • Gain an understanding of what networking looks like in Canada.
        • Learn how to effectively introduce yourself, engage in meaningful conversation, conduct information interviews, and follow up after meeting a new contact.

        • Networking Tips for Success

          Read this document for useful tips, suggestions, and weblinks to help you with your professional networking in Canada.

          • Setting Your Professional Career Goals

            Developing a clear understanding of your career goals and how they align with your values, skills, and ambitions will help to guide you in your job search and professional development. Use this tool (PDF file) to help define your personal career goals.

            • Top 5 Suggestions for Introducing Yourself

              Use the information in this handout (PDF file) to craft an introduction for yourself that you can use in a professional networking context.

              • Top 8 Suggestions for Meeting and Beyond

                This handout (PDF file) provides a useful overview of how to prepare for a meeting with a new contact (an information interview), how to conduct the meeting, and how to follow up effectively.

                • Top 10 Suggestions for Using a Free LinkedIn Account

                  This resource (PDF file) provides you with practical strategies for using your free LinkedIn account

                  • Top 12 Suggestions for Shy Networkers

                    This handout (PDF file) provides a variety of useful suggestions for those who feel shy or uncomfortable at networking events.