Topic outline

  • Videos and Guides: Integrating Talent

    Use this video to start the conversation in your workplace about inclusive talent management practices for successfully integrating and developing skilled immigrant employees in the workplace. This video uses a storytelling approach to present the business case for integrating skilled immigrant talent and explores strategies for companies looking to create an inclusive workplace. 

    • Scene 1: New Immigrant Professional Employee Orientation

      Start the conversation by following a new employee through his first days at MetroCan. This video presents scenes which capture the typical interactions that occur during a new employee’s first day at work. 

      Learning outcomes:

      • Recognize some of the communication barriers that a new immigrant employee may encounter due to cultural differences.
      • Learn about cross-cultural competencies that bridge cultural differences.
      • Identify strategies to bridge communication barriers during orientation, meetings, and one-on-one interactions.

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    • Scene 2: Cross-Cultural Teamwork

      Start the conversation by following a new employee as he attempts to adjust to his team’s norms and expectations.  

      Tarek’s initial attempts to connect with people on his team bring mixed results as he begins to encounter the unspoken norms, rules and expectations which could potentially trip up his performance – and the team’s.

      Learning outcomes:

      • Recognize how group and individual behaviours are influenced by cultural differences and how these are interpreted in cross-cultural interactions.
      • Recognize barriers encountered as part of cross-cultural communication and identify strategies to navigate them successfully.

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    • Scene 3: Manager-Employee and Peer-to-Peer Relations

      Start a conversation by following the cross-cultural communication challenges faced by a new employee and his team as they work to meet a project deadline. 

      Learning outcomes:

      • Understand how cultural differences shape communication and influence behaviours within an organization.
      • Recognize how cultural misunderstandings can lead to interpersonal conflict.
      • Understand the impact of cultural filters which affect clarity and the effectiveness of one-on-one communication.

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    • Scene 4: Performance Review: Rewards and Recognition

      Start the conversation by following a new employee, his manager, and HR representative through his three-month performance review.

      This scene presents situations that highlight the extent to which cultural differences influence the effectiveness of performance feedback in a diverse workplace.

      Learning outcomes:

      • Recognize how clear communication of performance objectives helps new immigrant employees reach their full potential.
      • Identify how cultural communication styles affect each person's participation in the performance management process (manager and employee).
      • Identify approaches to bridging cultural differences when providing performance feedback.

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    • Scene 5: Retaining Immigrant Professional Employees

      Start the conversation by exploring the ways in which cultural differences can affect staff recognition and retention.

      This scene offers examples of how cultural differences can be considered in an organization’s rewards and recognition practices, celebrations, and retention strategies. 

      Learning outcomes:

      • Recognize the importance of delivering rewards and recognition in a way which aligns with both corporate values and the cultural values of employees.
      • Identify opportunities and resources to support development of culturally competent talent management practices.

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    • Scene 6: Religious Accommodation

      Start a conversation by following a new employee and his employer in navigating a request for religious accommodation.

      When Tarek begins working at MetroCan, he makes a request to use an empty office for prayer. MetroCan accommodates his request; however, because some staff and clients are unfamiliar with his religious practices, misunderstandings and conflict ensue.

      Learning outcomes:

      • Recognize cultural differences related to religion and faith which may be encountered in the workplace.
      • Identify the responsibilities and expectations of employers and employees related to religious accommodation at work.
      • Identify how accommodation can help create a positive and inclusive workplace that embraces cultural and religious diversity.

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